How to develop the strength of character

a conceptual image representing a focus on strength

It is considered a positive quality in ethics, in the system of the Prussian virtues of one of the main virtues, as in Christianity – one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Taking the basis of biographies of famous historical figures, researchers and scientists have deduced a formula similar to the definition, especially for those individuals who are found to be more successful and powerful than their counterparts: they are all in addition to the normal abilities possessed certain traits. And one of them was the strength of character.

In order to achieve great success in life and to achieve the most ambitious goals, one will be a little firmness of character. After all, apart from that still need to learn how to communicate with people, to be able to influence them, to find approaches to train your own mind every day. However, without long-term success can not be in any field.

Hardness of character – a trait characterized by consistency and persistence in achieving goals, and defending views. This definition from Wikipedia, we will use in the future, to ensure the feasibility of the following tips.


It should be absolutely clear to understand that you’re interested in and what exactly causes admiration. Most people are working on the machine, not knowing what desire and passion behind it.

What do you want right now?
What do you want to do with your health now?
What do you want to do with your relationship now?
What do you want from your career now?
What do you want to get to the next stage of his life?
Returning to the definition of the nature of hardness, let us remember that it is the consistency and persistence in achieving goals. Clarity – is what allows us to understand that is worth to be consistent and persistent. And stay in touch with their dreams, goals and ambitions every day remind yourself of them.


This is a very capricious emotion (the state, feeling). It is important to feel the enthusiasm of every day of your life.

Why is this so important? When you are full of enthusiasm, that are involved in the process, in dealing with the task. He fills the body with energy, which is taken, it seems, out of nowhere, gives strength to go to bed with confidence in the future and to wake up with glowing eyes to do something important and meaningful.

Enthusiasm comes from thoughts. Train yourself in the shower or while drinking your morning coffee, think about, from what you can get excited about that captures so much that does not require motivation and violence on themselves. It need not be just work, entertainment is also included here.

Get a habit to take on every task with enthusiasm, even if the first thought of this sorrow. It is important to be as much as possible in this state, so that the body used for such a rhythm.

Consistency and perseverance do not have to be stressful. When there is enthusiasm, these two qualities appear automatically.

Blocking time

If you do not plan your time on task, project, meeting, or writing a book, you have to constantly respond to changing circumstances. Other people and events will guide you through life, and you’ll only zalatyvat hole.

The world is always speaking to us with three things:

Do not learn how to control your time, you will have to postpone the dream and passion of all life, to constantly meet the world on its request. The enthusiasm and clarity drop off by themselves.

To succeed in anything in the long run, it is not necessary to be afraid of three things:

This three things form the life of almost every successful person from the millionaire to the Olympic champion. These people have learned to live with the routine and take it not as a bitter pill, and the opportunity to become better.

Look at your calendar and block time for the important things. One condition: you must do what is important, every day. Sometimes the chain can break, if there are too urgent business, but try to keep it whole as long as possible.

Support for other people

The greatest people in history almost never achieve success alone. They were surrounded by important people who helped them:

Loving parents;
A strong team.
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